Discreet Smoke Stick - Pink or Blue Fuse Lit Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [60 seconds]

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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs For Sale! Comes with 2 Pink & 2 Blue Smoke Bombs

Let us help you celebrate your little one by announcing the gender in style! Our Gender Reveal Smoke Sticks last between 60-80 seconds and produce high quality VIBRANT Smoke that fills the air! If you want your announcement to be memorable then this is the way to go. Simply light the wick and wait 2-3 seconds for the smoke to emit. And POOF! Your baby's gender will be revealed! These help create epic photos as well. So for your friends and family that can't be there, get to sharing on social media!

Each Stick looks identical besides a small code near the bottom. It will say REV1 or REV2. To find out the color, check the bottom of this page!

We also offer 4 packs of Blue as well as 4 packs of Pink. Be sure to check those out along with our WRP and Dual Vent Discreet Gender Reveal Wire Ring Pull Smoke Bombs.