Dual Vent Smoke Bomb - Rapid Release Color Smoke Grenade [Blue]

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 BLUE Dual Vent Smoke Bomb. Add some blue to your life with our Rapid Release Smoke Effect! Great for creators looking to spice up their content!

Dual Vent simply means smoke is emitted from both ends. The Dual Vent Smoke Grenade was designed for those moments you wish to release a large amount of smoke very quickly.

These are ideal for those not so windy days or inside abandoned buildings. Compose your photo before hand because they last about 30 seconds and create a large cloud of smoke!

For a longer lasting smoke bomb check out the WRP linked below!

The Wire Ring Pull(WRP) Smoke Effect

*Cold burning typically refers to the fact that there is not an external flame produced and that the temperature of the Smoke Effect is lower than the military and marine distress smokes (which get very hot), thus reducing the risk of fire. This does not guarantee there will be no flame or that these are not dangerous to handle. Please do so with care and note that they are flammable and to not use near other flammable objects and to dispose of properly. Sparks are emitted upon ignition as well so make sure the area is safe before pulling the wire. These do not require O2 to burn (can be activated out of water, submerged and still emit smoke) so they are very difficult to stop and the tube does get rather hot towards the end. Be sure to allow 6" of space between the smoke canister and anything you do not want to risk being burned. Gloves are recommended if you choose to hold them, however we recommend setting them down after ignition. Smoke begins to emit after about 2-3 seconds.

**No returns or refunds. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to use in a safe and responsible manner and Gender Reveal Co is not to be held responsible for damage or injury**