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Dual Vent Smoke Bomb - Rapid Release Color Smoke Grenade [Red+Yellow]

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Dual Vent (DV) Smoke Bombs- Red & Yellow

-Hazmat shipping required, $29.99 (smoke bombs only) 
-Ground shipping only (3-7 business days)
-See our Neon Smoke Balls, for a similar non-hazmat alternative

Product Description:

  • Dual vent smoke bombs release smoke from both ends simultaneously 
  • Same amount of smoke as RP90, but in under 30 seconds
  • Ideal for special effects, large smoke clouds, and multicolor shoots!
  • High density smoke and completely non-toxic
  • Ring pull activation (no lighter required)
  • 5 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter 

Hazmat Shipping Information:

  • Please add 1 business day for processing to your estimated delivery date
  • All orders placed over the weekend will ship out on Monday, making Tuesday your first shipping day
  • Hazmat shipping takes 3-7 business days
  • We cannot expedite shipping for any reason
  • Hazmat shipping fees are outside of our control. Visit our shipping page to see our tiered shipping options. Save money by purchasing in bulk!
  • Some delays my incur due to COVID-19. Visit our shipping page for more information

Product Description:

Peacock Smoke is the FIRST to create a Dual Vent Smoke Effect that releases 2 colors from the same smoke canister. These are incredibly fun to use and can add so much creativity to your photoshoot! Dual Vents are ideal for smoke bomb photography and videography because of the large amount of smoke you get in such a short time. Rather than having to create a smoke cloud by activating multiple smokes at once, you’ll have more than enough smoke from just 1 Dual Vent for any smoke backdrop. Dual vents can also be used for gender reveals, social media influencers, wedding/engagement photography and other types of outdoor photo shoots! 

*No returns or refunds. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to use in a safe and responsible manner and Gender Reveal Co is not to be held responsible for damage or injury*

    Check out our F.A.Q. Page for more information!


    *Cold burning typically refers to the fact that there is not an external flame produced and that the temperature of the Smoke Effect is lower than the military and marine distress smokes (which get very hot), thus reducing the risk of fire. This does not guarantee there will be no flame or that these are not dangerous to handle. Please do so with care and note that they are flammable and to not use near other flammable objects and to dispose of properly. Sparks are emitted upon ignition as well so make sure the area is safe before pulling the wire. These do not require O2 to burn (can be activated out of water, submerged and still emit smoke) so they are very difficult to stop and the tube does get rather hot towards the end. Be sure to allow 6" of space between the smoke canister and anything you do not want to risk being burned. Gloves are recommended if you choose to hold them, however we recommend setting them down after ignition. Smoke begins to emit after about 2-3 seconds.