Gender Reveal Powder Cannons - Pink or Blue Holi Color Powder [4 Pack]

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Gender Reveal Powder Cannon

The best in the business. Our gender reveal powder smoke cannons shoot the highest and we ship the fastest.

12" long and they shoot pink or blue holi color powder 15ft+ into the air!  

Orders ship out the same day if you order by 1pm Mountain Time! Sunday is NOT a business shipping day.

The label on the blue and the pink look the same so nobody will know the color until you twist it to make the confetti explode out of it.

If you buy all of blue OR pink, we won't put any color indication on the cannons because you won't need one. If you buy Pink AND Blue we will put a sticker on them indicating the color so you know which is which.

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All orders placed Mon-Fri by 1pm (MT) will ship out same day. 

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