Micro Wire Pull Smoke Grenades - EG25 Smoke Bomb [10 Pack]

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Our eg25 smoke grenade was designed with photographers in mind. It is a smaller version of our wp40 and lasts about half the time. Perfect for smoke bomb photography.

Style: eg25

Duration: ~25 Seconds

Sold in packs of 10. 

Easy to use, you just pull the wire to activate, no lighter necessary.

The EG25 offers you a compact unit with good output but for only 25-30 seconds. More than enough time to get that killer shot leaving you breathing space to plan your next one. They are so cheap that if you need more you will have extras.

Perfect for smoke effect photography. It's the smallest in the line of Enola Gaye wire pull smoke grenades and comes with a price of about half the cost of the regular sized wp40 smoke grenade.

For gender reveals we offer a box with 5 pink and 5 blue.