3 Pack Wire Pull Smoke Bombs - WRP90 Color Smoke Grenades (90 second duration each)

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3 Pack of Wire Pull Smoke Bombs!

These wrp90 wire ring pull smoke bombs are great because you don't need a match to light them, you simply pull the wire and they release smoke for about 90 seconds each.

Each order will receive 3 peacock smoke wrp90 (wire ring pull) color smoke grenades (choose color)

Our Gender Reveal 3 Pack has 1 Blue, 1 Pink and then 1 White to use a practice smoke before the big reveal.

We have our USA 3 pack of Red/White/Blue in the options as well!

They put out way more smoke than the other smoke bombs. They last about 90 seconds (the Burst ones last about 30 seconds and smoke comes out of both ends)

All orders placed by 11am (MT) will ship out same day!

Contact us with questions/concerns at GenderRevealCo@gmail.com

Perfect for gender reveal parties, photo shoots, paintball, military training and more. Use colored smoke sticks outdoors only.

We are the #1 supplier of color smoke grenades for professional smoke bomb photography and video.

Colored Smoke Bombs (sticks) are prefect for smoke effect photography.

These wire pull smoke grenades are roughly 5 inches in height and put out a LOT of smoke.

The Blue/Pink/White combo is great for gender reveals. Many people like to use the white one as a practice test run.

Available in 9 colors:

Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Pink, and Green.

Check out our bursts smoke bombs that are dual vented, meaning smoke will come out of both sides of it, which produces a larger smoke effect in a shorter amount of time (about 30 seconds). The smoke bombs listed on this page are the wp40 and lasts about 90 seconds each.


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Your camera shutter will love these smoke bombs. They ship so fast you will think they shipped yesterday!