WP40 Wire Pull Smoke Grenades - Colored Smoke Bombs [9 Pack]

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Wire Pull Smoke Grenade 9 Pack [Select Color] Free Shipping

These wp40 wire pull smoke bombs are great because you don't need a match to light them, you simply pull the wire and they release smoke. These are the most popular smoke grenade on the market.

The 9 pack rainbow option has 1 of each color: Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, White and Black! Or you can choose to get all 9 in a single color.

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9 Smoke Grenades On Sale for Only $70.65 = $7.85 each

Duration: ~ 90 Seconds Each

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Perfect for gender reveal parties, smoke bomb photography, paintball, military training and much more. Use colored smoke sticks outdoors only. We are the #1 trusted site for professional color smoke effects.

These wp40 wire pull color smoke grenades are roughly 5 inches in height and 1.5" in diameter. They put out a LOT of smoke.

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