Fast and Easy Gender Reveal Party Ideas!

Are you throwing together a last minute gender reveal? Check out these ideas for fast, easy and FUN ways to have baby gender reveal parties!
BIG Powder Confetti Cannon Poppers are ALWAYS a crowd favorite. They make a great photo and are always great for a big crowd because they fill the air above with the color of your babies gender! Everyone will see this reveal all at once! The 12" cannons go about 15 feet into the air with a large POOF of powder, confetti, or both mixed together! The 24" cannon poppers have the same distance at about 15-20 feet but also have DOUBLE the amount of colored powder and confetti inside. It gives a great reveal! Both are fantastic options and so much fun.
Blue boy gender cannon large popper powder confetti reveal with multiple cannons
If you are worried about any leftover mess, these cannons are completely biodegradable. The confetti is rice paper that will break down over time, the powder will not stain and easily washes away. Even the cannon itself will break down, making a great choice for eco conscious party throwers!
Cannons also ship really fast, ships same day if ordered on a business day before 1pm MST. That means you can order on a Monday morning and have your cannons by Thursday if you choose priority shipping!
Another fast gender reveal idea is our smoke wicks! These are a really popular way to show off your baby! You can ignite them in a pumpkin, in a box, or just have them out for everyone to see! The smoke rises up and everyone in the crowd will instantly see what your surprise is! 
Smoke bomb wicks for gender reveal party baby shower pregnancy reveal collection of pictures
These wicks are totally discreet, a great surprise for everyone and easy to activate and handle. Very small room for error with this fun reveal!
Do you have a sports or car fanatic? Our last 2 examples are SURE to be a crowd pleaser with these hobbyists! Gender Reveal Ball Kits allow you to customize your powder reveal with ANY color. Its a great way to incorporate your fav team with your gender reveal party! 
Dad gender reveal moment with a football at the gender reveal party kicking it and blue powder flying out
If cars or bikes are more your thing, check out these burnout powder kits. Just put these black discreet bags on your tire, peel out and sit back and watch a huge burst of your babies gender powder fly into the air. Its sure to impress everyone at your party.
All of these products can be found at They have same day shipping and can be on your doorstep within days. Having a fantastic memory making event is right within your reach. Don't delay!


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