Best Ways To Use Colored Powder At Your Gender Reveal

How to Use Colored Powder at your Gender Reveal Party 

It can be difficult to think of a new and creative way to announce the gender of your baby. This is why we recommend Peacock Powder. There are many ways to be unique, safe and have fun at the same time. Here are some ideas for the many ways you can use our colored powder.

Children with blue powder for gender reveal 

When it comes to powder too much is never enough. We highly recommend 1 lbs. of powder for each person participating. A 2 lb. Bag of Holi Color Powder will still go quick so plan accordingly. Please keep in mind for those big parties 25 pounds of powder might be not enough especially for the kids. 

Gender Reveal Blue Boy Powder Party

Now here's a good question! How do you get your husband on board with a Gender Reveal Party! We have the answer Gender Reveal Burnout bags! Check out Part 2 for more info!

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