24 Inch Party Cannon - BOTH Confetti and Powder!

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XL Gender Reveal Party Cannon

These 24 inch Confetti and Powder Cannons are ideal for Gender Reveal Celebrations. Filled to the brim with Confetti Premium Holi Color Powder by Peacock Powder, just twist the bottom and POOF! Color Powder and Confetti will shoot out up to 15 feet in the air! The Gender Reveal Confetti and Powder will float in the air for added effect! 

Gather your friends and family and get your cameras ready. Our Gender Reveal Products are the must have accessory for your baby's Gender Reveal. If the Party Cannon isn't for you, check out our Confetti Cannons or Powder Cannons. If you or your spouse prefer some Sport related products, check out our Gender Reveal Baseball and Golf Ball. 


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Cannon Color Indicator:

If you need assistance differentiating the cannon, there is a number under the bar code specific to each color. In the bottom right corner of the bar code strip there is an individual number, either a 1 or 2. 1 is pink and 2 is blue (3 is silver).

Each Cannon label is discreet, although powder may leak during shipment. Do not aim cannons at anyone or anything. Follow all instructions and warnings on the individual cannons as well.

No returns and no refunds. Please plan accordingly.

**By purchasing products from GRC you are assuming all liability and are held responsible for any damage or injury. Please follow all directions and use in a safe and respectful manner. Dispose of properly**