Gender Reveal Burnout Bag

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Our non-toxic authentic peacock powder is safe for you car and the environment. It will wash away with water, wind or rain. Pick pink or blue gender reveal burnout tires that come in a black bag that will easily stick to the tire or your car, truck or motorcycle. Simply peel the double-sided tape and the color smoke tire effect will amaze all your guests at your gender reveal party. 
Many people refer to this product as colored chalk powder but our holi powder is actually cornstarch with food grade dye so it's non-toxic and 100% safe and washes away with water!

Item Description: Tire Burnout Bag for Gender Reveal.

  • 2 pounds of powder in a solid black bag that will not reveal the color of the powder in the bag.
  • Just peel & stick it to your tire and take off to see an explosion of color.
  • We recommend getting 1 burnout bag for each back tire.


Our powder comes in 7 awesome colors to choose from that can be purchased in different volume options.

Our powder has been enjoyed by millions and is now helping couples celebrate their little ones! Check out more of our Gender Reveal Ideas! 

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