Gender Reveal Powder & Burnout Kits

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Gender Reveal Powder & Burnout Kits 

Burnout Kit Description: 

  • Each burnout kit comes with 2lbs of powder 
  • Burnout kits are completely discreet! Powder is concealed in a black bag
  • Burnout kits come ready to use! 
  • Simply peel and stick kit to your tire and takeoff to create a color explosion!
  • We recommend purchasing 1 kit per tire
  • These kits work on motorcycles too! 
  • Powder is non-toxic, biodegradable and washes away with water or rain 
  • Color options: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or pink
  • Practice kit comes with 2 lb of a random color and will be labeled with "practice" on it 

 Shipping Information:

  • All orders placed Monday-Friday before 1 pm MST are processed and shipped the same day!
  • For orders placed after 1 pm MST add 1 day for processing 
  • All weekend orders placed after 1 pm MST on Friday’s will be processed and shipped on Monday (this makes Tuesday your first ‘shipping’ day). 
  • No overnight shipping, sorry! 
  • For more information, visit our shipping page.

Product Information

Our authentic Holi Color Powder is a great way to add color to your gender reveal party! Each discreet burnout kit comes ready to use in a sealed black back, so it remains discreet until your tires spin! If you order kits with different colors, there will be a small sticker on the outside of each kit so you can determine which is which. Our practice kits come with 2 lb of a random color with a "practice" sticker labeled on it! These are perfect if you want to test out our burnout skill before the big day!

Want to create your own DIY gender reveal? No problem! Purchase our colour powder independently to really get creative! All of our powder is non-toxic, biodegradable, and washes away with water! Please be careful with delicate fabrics though, it can sometimes stain fine threads. Our powder comes in 7 vibrant colors giving you plenty of options! Color powder is great for gender reveals, color powder parties, color fun runs, DIY arts and crafts, and more! 

Please note that some color powder is a very fine substance that can occasionally leak while shipping. If there is powder residue on your packaging, please know that this is normal and your powder is not damaged! 

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