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Holi Color Powder

Holi Color Powder has been around for years and years. Just recently, folks like you decided to start using these beautiful, bright color powders to celebrate anything from Gender Reveals, Fundraisers, Color Powder Fun Runs, and much more. Holi Color Powder is made of simple corn starch and food grade color dye. It is non-toxic and completely biodegradable and washes away with water and soap! 

Color Powder Gender Reveals take many forms. Love cars? Our BURNOUT is perfect! Want to shoot it up in the air? Try our PARTY CANNONS. Into guns? We have skeet kits as well! 

For those just wanting to throw around some powder and make a big POOF, our 100g, 1lb, and 5lb POWDER PACKETS should do the trick!

Currently, we offer 7 colors of color powder:


For more information about larger quantities for fundraisers and color powder fun runs, check out our WHOLESALE page.


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